Honest FB Seduction System Review




I selected to do a FB seduction system review because this product is a super easy and fun way to get the girls of your dreams.When u purchase the course you get a bunch of products to help and maximize your results with women.so if you either are fed up with going to bars and nightclubs and talking to a bunch of women with little or no results.Or you simply suffer from approach anxiety then this is definitely the product for you! You learn to Filter the Facebook girls that are ready to meet up, pimp up your profile,to write super smooth messages,to show women your “bad boy” personality that they will love.And best of all super smooth copy and paste massages that Dean Cortez himself have prewritten for you to get the best results!


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The FB Seduction System was formulated after Dean Cortez and a few of his students applied some online dating concepts created by Dean but tweaked so that it applied to the world of Facebook.

Dean Cortez is an expert author and a professional dating coach. He has had several best selling books syndicated internationally. He has done guest television aperance on Fox News and also was featured as a column writer in various men’s magzazine such as FHM and Playboy.

Dean has devoted his life to improve the dating abilities of men and has been publishing books both online and offline since 2004. He is the founder of Mack Tactics one of the most unique and successful seduction systems in existence. Furthermore he has an extensive range of dating products that show you how to dominate the dating scene to how to bang strippers!

He is also a prominent figure int he seduction/dating community having conducted interviews with other respected dating experts such as Jon Sinn, and Carlos Xuma.


This is what you are getting if u purchase the Facebook seduction system

The Facebook Seduction system manual

This is a guide that makes you able to find and filter Facebook girls who are ready and willing to meet up with you.

There is no need to approach women in bars and nightclubs and spending a bunch of money on them.

This formula teaches you to get hot Facebook girls wanting to meet up with u without even leaving your house.


Mack tactics VIP Mastermind club

isa free Bonus 30 day trial to the Mack Tactics VIP mastermind club and its optional. this program will accelerate your success with the women you meet.

with this bonus u receive exclusive audio lessons, videos, and e-books that will solve your challenges and improve not only the quality of your relationships, but your lifestyle.


Facebook seduction system audio course

A recorded mp3 audio version of the product. so if u are to busy or don’t like reading u can just simple plug in your headphones and listen to the course.

It can also be a grate motivation tool that will boost your confidence before you jump on Facebook and reeling in hot girls.


Online Dating Domination toolkit 

Here Dean Cortez gives you he’s own secrets for mastering the world of internet dating. U can use Facebook, but u can also use different dating sites if u want to pull in as many women as possible.meet women on other sites, get theyr Facebook info and apply the Facebook seduction system on them.

Dean Cortez gives u massive tips on “pimping your Profile” . and actually copy and paste messages that u can use on the girls to get the best  results. You will be amazed!


Facebook Badboy Blueprint

Here you will learn how to show women a “bad boy” site of your personality that they’re hard-wired to want and desire.


FREE lifetime updates

this basically means that when you buy this system, your a member for life. there will not come an email and tell u a new version is up and have to pay to get it. So when there is an update to the system u will be send an link to your email and u can download the latest version, with the new tricks and tactics. so when you purchase this once you will never pay another dime.

Is it a scam ?

Definitely not. u can actually contact them through a 1800 number, they’re email or u can send them a regular mail.

They also have a 100% Money back guarantee within 60 days. so if u can not satisfied with your product u can just simply send them an email and they will send back your money.

This is a review site: U Can Click Here To Visit Dean Cortez Official Website


How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook




Do not use the “poke” function to try and get her attention

Why? Well because a hot girl would be receiving so many pokes from random guys it would get annyoing.

I know the poke function is fun and cool to play with, but you have to understand that it does nothing to convey your personality.

In fact you’re just another guy who can’t think of anything original to say, so that’s why you decided to poke her. You want to engage women online in a way that makes you stand out from the rest of the chumps. That is why you need to avoid using the same techniques that all the other guys use otherwise you’ll run the risk of being lumped together as another weirdo.

send her a funny short and interesting first message

You want to let her know that you are a very interesting person. The only way to convey this to her is by sending her something unique and customized to her profile. Make sure it’s funny, and a bit cocky. This lets her know that you’re not just an average joe and you are very confident about yourself. You have somewhere to go and you know how to get there. This is attractive to women, so make a point when you message her. Be sure to tease her a little also as it makes her want to message you back because you have given her a compelling reason to do so. this is how to pickup girls on Facebook. Give her a reason to want to message you back and soon enough you’ll be asking for her MSN and number and she’ll actually want to give it to you!



Do not give her the impression that you are illiterate

Yes guys, this means you need to communicate with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. You need to show her that you’re not an idiot and you did pass basic English in primary school. If you come across as a guy who is unintelligible, then no matter how attractive you are she’s just going to think you’re a dumbass. Please, spend time to read what you write and proof read your sentences. This sounds really basic, but the amount of guys who still messages girls as if they were little 14 year olds amazes me!

Get a plan

Seduction online is much more methodical than most guys realize. There is a step by step process that all guys can follow as long as they implement it. For example, you can set yourself up so that you message 5 interesting girls a day or whatever. That works wonders.

Fb seduction system review

Article about asking a girl out on facebook




Asking a Girl Out on Facebook: Can It Really Happen?

Internet communication has turned into a wonderful way to meet girls and I can tell you a lot about it. Online dating comes with multiple advantages. You feel much more confident and comfortable and the embarrassment of face-to-face communication is missing. This way, you can ultimately enjoy the opportunity and meet a great girl.

Many people have taken online dating to a new place: Facebook. There are millions of users and someone will certainly be right for you.

Do you know the secrets of asking a girl out on Facebook? It may seem like an issue of simply sending her a friendship request and a message but in order to be successful, you will have to do more than just that.

Befriend Her for a Reason

The most annoying thing you can do on Facebook is sending a friendship request that contains whatsoever no personalized message explaining your intentions. From the very beginning, you are getting chances equal to zero.

When you befriend someone on Facebook you will have to introduce yourself, just like you would do in real life. People are very likely to ignore you, unless you give them a good reason not to.

Beautiful girls get dozens of friendship request. You stand no chance of appearing different and more interesting from the rest of the crowd if you are unwilling to personalize your friendship request. It will only take you a minute to write a couple of sentences about yourself and why you are interested in a friendship.

Establish Some Form of Virtual Relationship

Just like in the case of a real life relationship, a girl will have to find out more about you before she decides whether she wants to go out with you. Asking a girl out on Facebook should follow the same logic of events.

Establish some form of virtual relationship. Exchange messages or chat with each other. Let her go through your photos just to make sure you are a regular guy.

If you want to be successful in the realm of Facebook dating, you have to provide authentic information about yourself. Using Photoshop on your photos sounds like a fun option to enhance your appearance but it is very wrong.

She needs to have a clear idea about who you are. Otherwise, you risk disappointing her tremendously, once she agrees to go out with you. Show her that you have nothing to hide.

Take Your Time

There is no need to rush it. In fact, a Facebook flirt can be as exciting as the real thing. I would usually wait at least a month before asking a girl out. She will be feeling more secure and confident by this time and the chances of her saying yes increase.

Take it slow. Chat to each other. The next step will be taking it to a telephone conversation. Getting to know someone in this indirect way may be a very intimate and fun opportunity. People tend to open up in the online world, sharing a lot of private information that will otherwise remain concealed.


Ask Her Out Properly

You have established an online relationship with this girl and you are past the acquaintance phase. The next step will be asking her out.

You will find out that asking a girl out on Facebook is as nerve wracking, as doing it in the real world. Chances are you will be feeling like a teenager who is about to go on a date for the first time. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this kind of excitement. It is only going to make the moment even more special.

Ask her out properly. A date is not the logical conclusion of a Facebook relationship. She may be simply looking for someone to talk to rather than someone to date. If you want to find out whether she is interested, you will have to ask her out properly.

Use Facebook to your advantage once again. Compose a letter that sounds romantic and sweet. Tell her how special she is and how much you cherish the moments you spent together. Then ask whether she would like to share a face to face meeting with you.

Fb seduction system review

Stop scaring girls away on facebook




I was on Facebook the other day and one of my female friends commented to me about how many Facebook stalkers she has.

Now, being the type of guy who likes to laugh at stupid behavior of other men when trying to pick up girls, I asked her what were the most common characteristics of a Facebook stalker.

After a detailed conversation, this is what I concluded. Please, if you find yourself doing any of the below, stop right now and stop scaring away women.

The top 3 signs of a Facebook stalker:

1. They comment way too often – Most Facebook stalkers seem to forget the fact that everyone else, including random people they don’t know can see that they are commenting on the girls profile. If they do it enough it sends a sure fire signal to the girl and her group of friends that this guy is really desperate and needy. The worst thing about this is, women in general like to gossip and see how their female friend’s are doing online. If they see too many comments from a particular guy, then all hell breaks loose from there. So to proven this, it’s simple. Send a PRIVATE MESSAGE with a catchy headline to avoid being seen as a stalker.

2. They comment on photos that are REALLY OLD – One thing she also told me was that she would get comments on her photos that were posted 2 years ago. Most of the time, she would have forgotten that her photos even existed! So to make the situation even worse, they would say something really retarded like “oh wow you look so pretty here” or “hey I love your smile”. This to me was insanely funny, but to her it was a major turn off. So what’s the solution? Don’t post on super old photos. It gives the girls the impression that the guy has been sitting there for hours clicking through her photos one by one, and manually browsing through her hundreds of past photos taken years ago.

3. They update their status way too much – this is one big mistake that I noticed that a lot of immature men do. They seem to act like women and can’t stop updating their Facebook profile statuses with what they are doing at the moment. This signals to the women in their friend’s list that this guy has nothing else to do and really is acting to trivial – just like a girl. So what’s the solution? Don’t update your status more than once a day MAXIMUM.

Now, this has got me really thinking.

Facebook is a great avenue for people to meet and connect with people.

So in other words, it’s also fantastic for dating. That’s why it’s important for men to learn how to really understand how the female mind works and not scare away women when trying to get to know them online.

Fb seduction system review.